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Find out how much you're wasting on unnecessary printing expenses.

Do you know how much your company is spending on printing? If you have no idea, you're not alone: many companies are not optimizing their print devices, network print configuration and supply management. As a result, they waste staggering amounts of money on print supplies and service.

Luckily, SOS makes it easy to properly manage your print environment and take back that wasted revenue. Our simple office print assessment process is free and can be completed within a few weeks. At the end, you'll receive a report that reveals the precise steps you can take to save significant money, such as:

  • Setting up smart rules for printing (such as printing emails in black and white) to reduce supplies consumption
  • Configuring print workflows that improve efficiency
  • Adding Follow-me print that adds security and reduces waste
  • Implementing just-in-time supplies management that reduces cost & downtime
  • Updating old technology that's costing you more than you realize

The best part?

The experts at SOS can take care of optimizing your print environment so you can focus on your business.