Evaluate Your Digital Press Equipment Supplier’s Service Before You Buy.

Learn what to look for to ensure you’re getting the best service to fit your needs before you sign the contract.

If you’ve spent months evaluating digital press equipment and suppliers for your CRD operation and you’re still unsure about buying from a vendor you haven’t worked with before, you’re not alone.

Even if the equipment looks right for your needs, and the price is in the ballpark, how can you be sure this company will stand behind its equipment after you sign the contract?

When it comes to making a large capital investment like digital press equipment, evaluating post-sale service is just as important as evaluating the product itself. Use this guide to help you get a realistic picture of a potential supplier’s service and support operation. Here’s what you can expect:

  • The 7 must-have services you should expect from a potential supplier.
  • How to evaluate their pre-sale support.
  • 4 key questions you should ask about their support team.

Download your free copy of our guide to Evaluating Digital Press Service & Support Before You Buy and get on the right track to choosing the best supplier for your needs.